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Recent Feedback

The work that my client is doing with Fran is far and above the best extracurricular time he has all week.  His muscular strength has drastically improved in the last 6 months, and you can tell in the way he sits down that he's in less pain. Fran is helping him build a huge repertoire of skills, including cognitive shifting, motor planning, complex directions, gross motor modeling, working memory, crossing the midline and executive planning. He is responding brilliantly across all of these domains." KC, Autism Consultant

I have a greater awareness of my body, especially the interrelationships between muscles, joints, etc. I feel more connected and have more energy. My experiences have exceeded my expectations. DS​​

My student always looks forward to his private session with Fran.  Her sessions are designed based on his personal interests, as she incorporates preferred music and activities into her session, along with poses and deep breathing exercises.  Fran is mindful of his abilities and adjusts her teaching style and instruction based on his strengths and challenges.  He continues to make progress in developing his body awareness, range of motion, balance, coordination, strength, and concentration. SG, Autism consultant

​Fran is an incredible yoga teacher who has amazing insight into students’ strengths and challenges.  She adjusts her teaching so that all students are successful, both during groups classes and outside of classes.  This includes additional teaching and practice that both parents and teachers can implement. This has allowed students of varying skill level to participate in a group class.  Learning to participate in group yoga classes has allowed students to benefit from the stretching, balance, coordination the poses provide, and it also helps with focus and concentration that is required to achieve a particular pose.  JM, Princeton Childhood Development Institute, a non-profit program providing services to children and adults with autism. (

I have gained a keener sense of my body and its strengths and weaknesses, a new awareness of how to become healthier through my yoga and mindfulness practices, and a more positive attitude about dealing with my challenges. JG
Fran has a personality that works well with children.  That is not always easy to find when looking to adults to help your child.  Most importantly, she cares.  And she cares about getting results from her work with my daughter.  I have been through countless therapies and therapists, and I have encountered many therapists who just use a check list, and are not too worried about the end result.  People who care, like Fran, are the ones who really make the difference for my children. TK
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