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"Be inspired to  Be at ease 

 Being you"

Meet Fran


With the founding of Be Inspired Yoga™, I brought to life my vision for helping people feel better and to live their lives with more fun and ease.  I was drawn to Yoga Therapy to address my own issues with chronic pain so that I could get back to my favorite activities like hiking mountain biking and just walking the dogs without pain. I became motivated to become trained and to teach and share yoga therapy and mindfulness meditation after experiencing life-changing effects, which went far beyond just getting out of pain.  It's been a joy to share the benefits of Yoga Therapy and Mindfulness Meditation with my clients.​

Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy uses simple movements and breathing exercises to help people participate in the things they want and need to do through their daily lives. Anyone can practice it and immediately enjoy the benefits.

Kids and Families


The challenges that arise from stress and physical, emotional and mental discomfort are similar for adults and children. Yoga therapy can help children, adolescents and families with unique and special needs.

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