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Fran has a personality that works well with children, and most importantly, she cares.  
Fran adjusts her teaching so that all students are successful, both during groups classes and outside of classes.  JC
Yoga Therapy can help children, individuals and families
with unique and special needs

The challenges that arise from stress and physical, emotional and mental discomfort are similar for adults and children. When there's stress, there's likely to be more tension in the body. Emotional and  angry outbursts may become more frequent, and easily triggered. When the stress and physical tension are relieved, we feel better, and can tolerate frustrating situations more easily.

How Yoga Therapy Helps Kids
  • Sessions are fun and use a person's preferred activities to guide each session

  • No behavior is wrong or bad: it's critical information and an opportunity to learn coping and communication skills about wants and needs that aren't being met and might be driving the behaviors.

  • New skills can be developed:

    • Trying new things

    • Paying attention

    • Communicating

    • Taking interest in other people

    • Motor planning

    • Fewer emotional outbursts

    • Reduced mpulsive behavior

    • Fine and gross motor skills

How Yoga Therapy Helps Parents and Families

  • Family members can all learn breathing techniques and neurodevelopment movements that reduce difficult behaviors and calm the nervous system. 


  • By understanding patterns and antecedents to challenging behaviors, families can pause and choose how to respond effectively instead of reacting in a way that escalates the tension and frustration.

  • Parents learn tools and techniques to work with their children in a way that is effective, supportive, soothing, connecting.

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